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Gray-scale sketch
And once again, $3 for every other character added to the drawing 
Lined flat color w/o background
As always, an extra $3 for each new character added
Lineless headshot w/o background
Just a simple headshot of whatever character. 
Full body lineless w/o background
Humans or animals or creatures, you name it. Again, $3 for every new character.
Lined full color + shade w/ background
Yee all of these have the rule for each and every character added is $3 more (or 300 points) 
Lineless w/ background
These can be for just about anything. Each extra character added to the commission will be $3 extra.



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Commissions - Open by SweetDuke


An uni student with an art hobby whatchout//shot

I am a biology major with the goal of doing field work and working on or creating conservation projects for endangered animals in the future.

blahblah i am nice plz do not fear meh >u> tho I do not take kindly to people trying to force their friendship on me. Kind of makes me feel like the bad guy hrmm.
So ASimpleMoon tagged me in this stuff a while back but i kept getting sidetracked by art and school work ahahaha 

Everyone's characters have a special place in their heart, but exactly what place do your top 10 favorite OC's take up? 
Fill out the places below, and then explain why you chose them, if you you feel like it!
Don't have 10 characters? Go for as many as you have!
When you've completed these 10 places, tag 5 people!

1. Your Fursona/Persona!

Your character that represents you!

Valentineref by SG96
This thangggggg though i rarely ever use her for much of anything ahahahaaa

2. Your 'Guardian Angel'

You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong.
You probably have a deep emotional connection with this character.

Excuse this old af art but I'm gonna have to say Adelaine. I created her thinking she would just be a part of a simple rp between me and Moon and she ended up representing me a lot more than she should have?? And the rp happens to be one of the best ones we have ever done together XDD She's definitely a lot like me personality wise. Fussy yet level headed for some things. THE ONE THING WE DON'T HAVE IN COMMON IS HER HORMONAL URGES TO POUNCE ON RYAN EVERY 5 MINUTES.

Adelaine by SG96
it's so old the dimensions are tiny ahahahahahaha //shot

3. Your Sunshine!

A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colors.
or maybe they are very cute. A character who's your own personal sun.

Okay definitely Lucinda and Dante for these ones. Oh and Myka! XDDD I love these idiots
here come that giiiiiiiiiiiiirl by SG96

The Dants by SG96
wow das smoll ahaha das Dante

Themykas by SG96

4. The Odd One

The odd ball character you're not sure why you have, but you treasure them deeply. Perhaps because they're just so weird?

Definitely Lucas and Kan
Kannnnnnnnnnn by SG96
Here's Kan XDD He's supposed to look like almost a maned wolf kind of anatomy (but i sucked back then ahaha) and he's just super thin and long XDD some kind of character i made for a comic i was doing but gave up in the beginning drafts. Basically he finds a female pup of his kind and he raises it and he's just one big ball of grumpiness throughout but nahhh.

Lucas by SG96
And Here's Lucas. He's just... interesting XD he was for a rp group we had going on but it was shut down quick and I have this fondness of this moron it's great

5. Sentimental Value

Okay, now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do ARPG characters count? cuz I have several for the Tokotas group that my friends have given me or busted their ass for for me (even though i told them not to but they did it anyway -squints eyes at Emelie-)
Cheveyo 698 by TotemSpirit
Chevy has the most simple design and he's by far my favorite of my whole Tokota pack because he was my first ever Tokota who Blackbrier gave to me when i told her i wanted to join the group ;;;u;;; he's my most precious baby and I would never trade him for the world.

Amnesia  14683 by TotemSpirit
Amnesia, my sphinx girly <33 Bloody-Kelpie freaking bought her for me when i said i was interested in a sphinx after two failed breedings. I'm mad at her for wasting money on me but god am i grateful XDD Even though I just started giving her love just this week ahahaha//shot

Aelin 25119 by TotemSpirit
And again, the tokota I dreamt of having but never imagined I would get my hands on: Aelin. I had always wanted a half mane dire (because Half-manes are my favorite tokotas) but getting a slot to a dire or a dire in general is ridiculously hard and expensive ;;u;; so Brier made a breeding and got like 3 half manes or something and she was auctioning off this girl and freaking Emelie over there rushed in and started bidding for her and told me she would give her to me if she won and she freaking did (bless her heart i love this woman so much though i hate that she wasted moneeeyyy damnit emelie) and we spent a year together paying off the second deal she had made to win her and at lastttt I got her ;u; I got her to average in just a month ahahaha i have never done that

6. The fancy one!

You're flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy design.

Definitely Ashley and Marleen, my two Apoc ocs 
Ashley-human form by SG96
Newmarleeeeeeeeenn by SG96
-stares at tiny images- 

7. The rare one!

'The rarity' How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get. 
You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!

Uhhhh Aelin could count as this one here too but honestly she's probably the only one ahahah 

8. Weird Attachment

Probably Yvis XDD she's an odd but fun character

Yvis by SG96

9. The Fandom character

You heard me! Everyone's got one, fork them over!

Hhhmmm there's my Fire Emblem avatar but she's literally the avatar in the game so it's not really an original oc and anyone can make her so long as they have the game ahahah but then there's my Monster Hunter oc Saya XD she's my one fandom oc 
Saya by SG96

10. The newbie

Okay who just joined your family of characters? Let's see them!

Kaui app by SG96
My boi Kaui and Theodore 
Theodore by SG96

also if anyone plays or played Tales of Xesteria, i swear to god Kaui resembling Sorey was a complete and utter accident. When I created Kaui I was like "Hmmm... Something about him seems familiar" and my brother played the game a few days after and i was like "OH THAT'S WHO HE REMINDS ME OF OH MY GOD"   
whoop im not tagging anyone. Do it if you want to XDD



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